locavore (n)  lo·​ca·​vore : one who eats foods grown locally whenever possible.

locavore (n.)  lo·​ca·​vore : one who eats foods grown locally whenever possible.

Our Community

Connecting Our Community Through Food & Values

Join our growing community of chefs, educators, restaurant owners, growers & farmers, and small business owners. We’re impacting the community one person at a time, and bringing folks together with food. Become part of the forward-thinking, sustainable LocaVore Movement and make sure to bring all your friends.

LocaVore Community Members

Join our growing community of chefs, educators, restaurant owners, growers & farmers, and small business owners. Feel free to reach out to any of these amazing humans if you have a question, want to set up a meeting, or have a product or service that you would benefit from!

Chef Cynthia Monroe
LocaVore PNW Owner/Founder
Chef Cynthia Monroe, CEC is the founder of LocaVore PNW and the current local chapter president of the American Culinary Federation.
Courage to Grow Farms
Shaneese & Phillip
We are a first-generation, family-owned, regenerative farm, practicing zero-waste, permaculture, and organic methods. #knowyourfarmer
Gem State Mushrooms
Paul Platt & George Viaud
Gem State Mushrooms is dedicated to cultivating high-quality, gourmet, mushrooms while prioritizing sustainability and minimizing our environmental footprint.
Kerr Microgreens
Paul & Angie Kerr
Organically grown, non-GMO, and nutrient dense mircrogreens grown locally in Coeur d'Alene
Angus Meats
Over 50 years of artisan meat cutting, custom processing and packaging for some of Spokane's favorite restaurants and grocers. A USDA approved meat purveyor now available directly to consumers, providing Spokane with a method to access local high quality meats. Our mantra "There is no substitute for quality."

Our Community

Creating an Equitable and Sustainable Local Food System

At LocaVore, our passion lies in forging an equitable and sustainable local food system. Through community dinners, educational food demonstrations, and engaging local events, we emphasize building connections while addressing food waste and creating deliciousness with ingredients that are indigenous to the area.

Join us in championing positive change, fostering relationships, and promoting a sustainable food system in the Inland Northwest. Let’s keep supporting everyone, from the farmer to the consumer & everyone in between, and keep our local dollars here in our region!

The LocaVore Chef

Meet Chef Cynthia Monroe, also known as Chef C, The LocaVore Chef.

Chef C is an ACF Certified Executive Chef and has been in the kitchen for 15 years. Chef C had a hard time finding indigenous, locally grown ingredients outside of farmers markets and thought there should be an easier way to connect. Thus, LocaVore was born!

Why WE Do it

Making Food Accessible

We believe everyone should have access to fresh, locally grown, indigenous ingredients. The Inland Northwest is rich in native food that is unreachable in grocery stores. We want to ensure that everyone has the resources to eat the way we were meant to, while fostering community relations and lowering the impact of our economic and ecological footprint.

Economic Impact

Being a LocaVore helps strengthen the local economy by connecting neighbors with local businesses, fostering the exchange of local dollars and products creating community wealth. vitality, and resilience.

Sustainable Practices

Our goal is to educate the community in sustaining a prosperous local food system and using low-waste practices while preparing food. Flavor can take center stage while minimizing our ecological footprint.

Rooted in the Community

Chef C has been cooking up Spokane for 15 years. From personal chef of the Gonzaga Basketball teams to educating our future chefs at NEWTech Skills Center, Chef C is the ultimate LocaVore.

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